YouLaser CO2

Turn back the clock with fractional skin resurfacing

With 40% of the American population over age 45, and more than 81 million in the 45-64 year old age range, there is great income potential for clinics that provide fractional ablative resurfacing to turn back the clock.

The YouLaser COcan help you capitalize on this market. Its lightweight scanner is ergonomically designed with the clinician in mind, and has nine different fractional patterns that vary in shape, size and density of spot. This flexible laser also offers a variety of settings from relatively superficial treatments to deeply ablative ones.

With exclusive features such as the HyperPulse and Stacking technologies, the Quanta YouLaser CO2 delivers extremely short pulses in repeated sequences on the skin. Its advanced and ergonomic scanner generates a pattern of microscopic dots with selectable shapes, dimensions and densities, making it a device for use on the face with minimal patient down-time.

The YouLaser COutilizes the industry-leading metal RF Excited Tube.  This provides greater stability and reliability than many competitors’ glass tubes.  Quanta- better quality, higher reliability.  This directly lowers cost of ownership while enhancing customer uptime.

Additional Features:

  • Scanning Area up to 4.5 cm2 (2.1×2.1cm)
  • 3 Firing Modes: Pulsed, Single Pulsed (timer) and Continuous
  • Database to Store up to 50 User Programs
  • Advanced and Ergonomic Scanner
  • User-friendly Touch-Screen
  • Delivery System through Titanium Articulated Arm

30wco210600 nmCW, 0.5-80 msUp to 1 kHzspot size: 200 μm spot size for surgery, 400 μm spot size for surgery, 1000 μm spot size for surgery.Fluence per microbeam [J/Cm2]
9.9 ÷84.8 J/cm2
Total delivered energy at cm2
0.7 ÷ 6 J
1.4 ÷ 12 J
3.5 ÷ 30 J
N/Aair cooled230V; 50/60Hz; 1000VA; NEMA L63046 x 53.8 x 103.2

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