Dye Change Kits for Pulse Dye Lasers

Dye Replacements and Changes

NOI has developed a DYE Cartridge Kit with precise solvent- dye interaction ensuring that both wavelength and energy output delivers both optimal efficacy and efficiency.    We are able to deliver the results your clinic and your patients expect with a lower price than that of the manufacturer.    

NOI offers aggressive “all you can use” programs creating an extremely cost effective solution and eliminating worry.  Kits for Candela* Vbeam* and Vbeam Perfecta*.


Please Note * : CANDELA, VBEAM, and VBEAM PERFECTA are registered trademarks of Syneron Candela Corporation.  Northern Optotronics Inc. is not affiliated with, or licensed or endorsed by, Syneron Candela Corporation

Choosing the correct dye

In order to get optimal results from your dye laser, it is important to ensure you are using dye that is precisely engineered.   

A dye laser is a laser which uses an organic dye as the lasing medium, usually a liquid solution compared to gases and solid state lasing media.    There are thousands of organic dyes but only a few classes of dyes have the right band structure that allows them to be relevant for laser action. 

The organic dyes are dissolved in solvents.  The solvent plays an important role in selecting the wavelength that the dye is used for.  The reason the solvent has such an important role in selecting the wavelength is because the solvent-dye intereaction, processes of polarization-depolorization and proton transfer between solvent and the dye, change the energy levels considerably. This can result in shifts to different areas of the spectrum, some times more than 200nm away.  This means that dye with different solvents can have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of your laser and the outcome to your patients.

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