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Skin of Colour Compatible Lasers

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With an increasing percentage of the population having Skin of Colour, you need the right equipment and treatment protocols to safely treat darker skin types. At NOI, we understand the dynamics of treating this ever-growing patient population.


There are many important questions that should be considered when buying a new cosmetic device. One question is which treatments you plan to perform with the device, as not every wavelength and modality will be the right choice for every possible treatment. Another important consideration is what skin types—on the Fitzpatrick scale—you anticipate the majority of your clients to be.

The Fitzpatrick scale was developed in 1975 by Harvard dermatologist Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, and assigns Roman numerals I through VI for skin types ranging from very light to very dark skin, hair, and eyes. According to the Skin of Color Society, “Individuals with skin of color are defined by the Society as those individuals of Asian, Hispanic/Latino, African, Native American and Pacific Island descent.”

If your patient population falls into the above mentioned categories or you are looking to expand by offering Skin of Colour treatments, it is vital to have the correct laser along with proper clinical training. The NOI Aesthetic Lasers Consultants are educated in the best technologies for treating all skin types, and are available to discuss which device is best for your practice.

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