NOI has access to a complete range of laser accessories.  Please contact us for more information.

Please let us know the type of laser you are using and we will share with you the various options to ensure both safety and comfort for the operator and the patient

Contact us for all of your phototherapy replacement lamps.  We carry a large inventory of lamps for all major home and office phototherapy equipment.

Contact us for affordable replacement Cryogen

Laser Fibers

We carry and have access to a large inventory of laser fibers and are able to meet and supply all of your needs

Syris Scientific

Finally, a complete visualization system allowing enhanced views of your operative field allowing you to work freely and efficiently. The Syris Visualization Systems are the only systems to combine high quality illumination and magnification with a unique technology called cross polarization.  Either the v300H or the v900L are useful devices.


This technology allows enhancement of surface detail and can also allow visualization below the surface of the tissue you’re working on by using cross polarized technology. Surface glare is completely eliminated allowing transparent tissues to be bypassed so subsurface structures appear visible. It will become your one and only system for all you’re in office visualization needs.




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