Certified Pre-Owned

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Check out our list of Certified Pre-Owned Equipment. 
All of our systems come standard with a 1 year warranty. 


Sell - Trade

Please let us know if you have any equipment that you are no longer using and considering either selling it or trading it on different equipment.  NOI offers excellent trade in value.


Our inventory changes frequently.  Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for.

All certified pre-owned systems come with 1 year warranty (contact us for details).

Prior to purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned laser, please consider the following

  1. Does the seller have a business in Canada?
  2. What is the warranty on the system you are purchasing?
  3. How will they service the equipment they are selling?
  4. Do they hold a valid Medical Device Establishment License?
    1. Health Canada requires all companies selling medical devices to have one.
  5. What is your recourse if what you purchase is not what you purchased or inworking condition?