MR4 LaserStim

MR4 LaserStim

the most proven and affordable therapeutic laser on the market today.

TARGET™ & DOSE technology allows the practitioner to quickly identify the treatment area and automatically deliver the appropriate laser dose.

MR4 LaserStim

The MR4 LaserStim™ is the world’s first and only FDA-cleared device combining neurological electrical stimulation and laser in a single probe. Our Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology™ (TARGET) provides pain relief by constantly scanning tissue to quickly locate areas needing treatment and automatically giving the proper dose of super pulsed laser

Mr4 Console

  • 4 treatment modes: Preset, LaserSweep, manual and patient programs
  • Simultaneous use of three laser emitters

LaserStim Emitter

  • LaserStim with TARGET (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) enables clinician to identify optimal treatment areas via an LED indicator and a sound alert. It then on its own applies a measured DOSE of treatment for fast, easy and accurate care.
  • 25W peak super pulsed power
  • Provides laser/electrical stimulation

Magna Cart

  • Convenient and durable
  • Allows for Hands-Free Treatment
  • Neatly organizes the MR4 console and emitters
  • Moves easily from room to room
  • MR4™ Console Unit – 3 Port System
  • LaserStim™ Emitter (25,000mW)
  • 2 pairs of laser goggles
  • Carrying Case
  • Magna Cart Deluxe
  • Operating Manual & User’s Guide DVD
  • Treatment Protocol Manual
  • Industry Best 3-year limited warranty

mr4 laserstim

Laser radiation:905nm
Broadband infrared radiation:875nm
Visible red radiation:660nm
Laser infrared radiation pulse power:25W
Magnetic induction:35 mT
Overall dimensions:245 x 220 x 95 mm
Net weight:2.7 kg