Litho Surgical Laser System

Litho surgical unit is based on Holmium (Ho:YAG) laser with emission at two (2100nm) micron wavelength. This wavelength is highly absorbed by water and biological tissue. The Litho automatically adjusts the correct pulse duration depending on the operating mode and sets the values for energy and repetition rate. 

When it is operating in a short pulse emission mode, it is highly effective in the fragmentation of calculi and the hard tissue ablation. In long pulse emission, it is highly effective in cutting soft tissue providing excellent hemostasis and coagulation with minimal damages of surrounding tissue, due to its low penetration depth. Because of its high water absorption, the application in a hydrous solution environment is highly safe.


Litho laser system is an ideal tool for surgeons who want to get the best results in performing:

· Lithotripsy
· General surgery
· Urethrotomy, ureterotomy
· Transurethral incision of prostate (tuip)
· Tumor excision


Quanta System introduces a new application setting: the Lithotripsy DUSTING EFFECT.
This preset Application is inside the main application menu, beside Lithotripsy HARD STONE, Ablation and Coagulation.

The setting is intended for calculi, especially the renal ones, where the dusting effect lithotripsy technique could eliminate the need for basket extraction and that way reducing the total time of the procedure.

Due to the extended pulse properties, the specific settings of repetition rate and pulse energies, characteristic for dusting lithotripsy, assure more stable position of stone.


The Litho laser system has state-of-the-art technical specifications, which represent a gold standard in surgical market:

Pulse energy: it is possible to set up to 5 J per pulse. The pulse energy is related to the fragmentation efficacy. It is ideal for hard stone treatments.

Repetition rate: the maximum repetition rate is 30 Hz. By using the high repetition rate and low pulse energy, a fine fragmentation is secured. The DUSTING effect function assures the effective dusting even at high repetition rates.

Pulse duration: the unit provides a broad range of pulse durations. Due to this feature, the system could select most suitable modality of preset parameters in application menu (HARD STONE-DUSTING-ABLATION-COAGULATION).

The maximum effectiveness in ablation and fragmentation is assured also when using flexible ureteroscopes.

· up to 35 W Power Output
· up to 5 J Energy per Pulse
· up to 30 Hz – Repetition Rate
· 95-1500 μs – Pulse Duration
· RFID Fiber Recognition System
· Display Touch Screen
· Double Footswitch
· Frontal Footswitch Connection


· Ablation
· Coagulation
· Lithotripsy – Dusting Effect · Lithotripsy – Hard Stone


Through the RFID fiber recognition system, the connected fibers are automatically detected.

The laser immediately sets up the adequate working parameters.

Smart Interface

Interactive interface with intuitive shortcut to the main function. Smart selection of output settings depending on the operative mode. Wide color touch screen.

Double Footswitch

The double footswitch with front connector allows operator to control the Ready/Standby status directly from the footswitch without the need of assistance in operation by touchscreen.


· Fast treatments
· Stability of the stone target during the laser emission
· Using high power with fibers of small diameter
· Reducing or eliminating the use of urology basket thanks to fine fragmentation effect

Optioal and Accessories

u2022 Optical fibers with frontal emission
Sterile – Single Use or Reusable
Core diameter from 200 u00b5m to 1000u00b5m
3m long
u2022 Optical fibers with lateral emission
Sterile – Single Use
Core diameter 600u00b5m
3m long

u2022 Adjustable Stripper for Optical Fibers
u2022 Special Sterilizable Stripper for Optical Fibers
u2022 Ceramic Scissors