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FreeScan X5+

The FreeScan X5+ brings you true freedom in 3D scanning. It incorporates the  “AirMaster” wireless computational processing unit, with a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, which offers calculation of image data completely driven by the hardware. The FreeScan X5+ is suited for uses cases without external positioning system, tripod or fixture and is applicable for a wide range of operating environments and a variety of measured objects.

Wireless Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

Wireless Technology

Highly Stable




FreeScan X5 - versatile

Unlimited 3D Scanning

Without the need for cables to connect to computers, you can enjoy complete freedom of 3D scanning

FreeScan X5+ 3D Scanner

Advanced operation

AirMaster wireless computational processor, with a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, offers a calculation of image data completely driven by the hardware.

Real-time Visualization and Long Battery Life

Real-time data display on your smartphone or tablet, for ease of scanning of large objects and scenes. Provides up to 3 hours of continuous work, and 12 hours of standby time; replaceable batteries allow for prolonged time of operation.


  • Accuracy: 0.03mm
  • Scan rate: 350,000points/s
  • Volumetric accuracy: 0.02+0.08 mm/m
  • Stand-off distance: 300 mm
  • Depth of field: 250 mm
  • Scanning part size : 0.1 - 8.0m - expandable
  • AirMaster Weight: 0.8 kg (including battery)
  • AirMaster Size: 210 x 100 x 40 (mm)
  • Components: AirMaster, USB- air line, Battery x 3, Charger
  • Sustainable working hours: 3h
  • Standby time: 12h
  • Battery capacity: 2100 mAh
  • Working humidity range: 10%-90% RH
  • Wireless mode: 802.11n/ac
  • Connection standard: USB3.0/WiFi
  • Operating temperature range: -10 — 40*C
  • Windows system: Windows 7 / Windows 10
  • PC requirements: RAM: 32G or above; CPU:3GHz or above; Display Card: Nvdia discrete graphics card
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