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OptimScan-3M metrology 3D scanner is the standard 3D scanner released by Shining 3D. Equipped with 3 megapixels cameras and latest blue light scanning technology, it has wide application due to its excellent performance.

High-Precision 3D Inspection Scanner

OptimScan- 3M

Smart Inspection

High Scanning Speed



OptimScan- 3M

High Performance

3.0 megapixels cameras present you high-resolution data with exquisite details.

It takes around 30 minutes to scan a 1-meter long object(it varies for different operators)

OptimScan- 3M

Adjustable Scan Ranges

3 sets of scan ranges are available
Freely adjustable
More convenient and suitable


Suitable for Scanning Objects with Complex Surfaces and Soft Objects. 
Non-contact 3D scanning can be applied in the case of complex components like turbine blade measurement and inspection, consuming around 10% of the total time needed with traditional CMM system. Not only faster but also full-dimension inspection and measurement can be carried out.


  • Light Source: Blue light ( LED )
  • Camera Resolution: 3.0 MP x 2
  • Point Distance: 0.192mm / 0.096mm / 0.048mm / Customizable
  • Output Data Format: .asc, .stl, .obj + compatible with the mainstream 3D software
  • Single Scan Speed : < 1.5 s
  • Single Scan Range: 400 x 300mm² / 200 x 150mm² / 100 x 75mm² / Customizable
  • Single Shot Accuracy: 0.025mm / 0.015mm / 0.007mm/ Customizable
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