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Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

Northern Optotronics Inc in partnership with Penta Laser is excited to bring you a variety of multifunctional fiber laser cutting devices and systems.

Industries and applications

  • Aerospace
  • Locomotive
  • Kitchenware
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Sheet Metal Processing
  • Automotive & Transportation


Fiber Laser Cutters

Auto Focus
Smart Piercing
Capacitive Sensor
Laser power: 1000W-3000W
Maximum acceleration: 0.8G
Cut medium and thin carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, aluminum alloy, brass
Fast Pallet Exchanger
Laser power: 800W - 8000w
Maximum acceleration: 1.5G
Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.01
Heat Treatment and Thermal Protection
Embedded Professional Cutting Database
Auto Focus
Smart Piercing
Laser power: 2000W to 20000w
Maximum acceleration: 4.0G
Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.01
Cutting capacity for stainless steel and aluminum is up to 50mm
Full Enclosure
Accuracy: ±0.01
Fast Pallet Exchanger
Auto Colission Detection
Laser power: 2000W to 20000W
Maximum acceleration: 1.7G
Embedded Professional Cutting Database

Fiber Laser Tube and Pipe Cutting System

360 Degree Rotation Cutting
Oblique Cutting Capability
Laser power: :1000W-3000W
Maximum acceleration: 1.0G
Pipe diameter range: 20mm-220mm
Cut cylindrical holes in different directions and with different diameters

Large Format Laser Cutter

Auto Focus
Smart Piercing
Collision Prevention
Automatic Sheet Alignment
Worktable of up to 30 meters
Maximum acceleration: 0.8G
Laser power: 2000W to 20000W

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