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Replace the low efficiency of traditional water jet and plasma flame cutting with a faster, more efficient and powerful solution.

The large format BULL fiber laser cutter includes features such as power saving, high speed cutting and piercing, 50% increased efficiency and a working table of up to 30 meters.

Large Format Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Large Format Laser Cutting Machine

High Power

High Precision

High Speed



Bull working table
  • Auto Focus - no focus readjustment needed while changing sheet
  • Smart piercing - 2-3 times faster on thick material
  • Capacitive Sensor
  • Collision Prevention
  • Frog Jump Management - move fluently without any pauses
  • Automatic Sheet Alignment
  • Piercing Detection Function - cutting process can start immediately without any extra delay


  • Laser power: 2000W to 20000W(Optional)
  • Processing format (L x W): 16000mm x 3500mm (optional)
  • Maximum acceleration: 0.8G
  • Maximum running speed: 80m/min
  • Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.08m/min
  • Size (L W H): 11500mm × 16000mm × 2500mm
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