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Laser Marking

Laser marking has become increasingly popular in various industries such as the automotive industry, medical technology, mechanics, jewellery, organic material, valves and electronics just to name a few.

The high popularity is due to the benefits laser marking provides in terms of affordability, quality and versatility by ensuring brand visibility and product traceability.

Laser marking offers quick and accurate results and can be done on a wide variety of materials including aluminum, titanium, copper, precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), as well as a wide variety of medical-grade alloys, plastics and wood.



Lasers can easily mark logos, alphanumeric characters, barcodes, progressive numbering, drawings, DataMatrix, and complex graphics.

High Definition

Laser marking ensures high precision even with the tiniest complex geometric details.

Cost Reduction

Laser marking does not entail additional costs, as it does not produce waste and does not need special treatments or maintenance.
Lasit Laser Marking Lasers


Laser marking cannot be damaged in any way. That’s why this method is so effective to trace any product.


Laser marking is fast and can work on any content (logos or codes, for example) without changing tools.


Lasers achieve permanent, non-corrosive, non-toxic and safe results. Our laser marking systems are fast and flexible and are widely used to treat materials in the medical industry such as polymers, stainless steel, titanium and other metal alloys.

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