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marking and QR codes on cutting tools

Laser Marking On
Cutting Tools

Inserts, milling cutters, tips, blades, taps, countersink tools, and all kinds of cutting tools that can be marked with the laser to create logos, texts, DataMatrix features, and QR Codes in order to identify the manufacturer and specific features of the tool.

You can brand without any problems, on padded metals, stainless steel, tool steel, super fast steel (HSS), alloys, titanium, boron steel and any kind of metal coated.

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What Are the Advantages?

Milling, turning, drilling are all processes that subject cutting tools to strong and constant mechanical stresses. Consequently, the markings of these instruments must also have high precision and resistance characteristics. Laser marking is today the best method to meet these features, offering very high quality, readability and durability in a clean and cost-effective manner.

Laser marking on tools is permanent, and ideal for engraving texts, logos, instructions and much more on any type of material in an extremely flexible, fast and qualitatively unparalleled way.


Mark and engrave logos, any type of alphanumeric writing, barcodes, progressive numbers, designs, data matrixes and graphics, from the most simple to the most complex.


Product traceability is forever guaranteed because laser marking on metals is permanent and resists both wear and contact with acids or heat.


It can create small, detailed geometric shapes with the utmost precision. You can combine marking processes to clean the material after processing or to give the marking greater contrast (e.g. Data Matrix codes).


Laser marking is a fast process offering unparalleled quality, it allows creating different types of markings (e.g. serial numbers, logos, codes) in extremely short timeframes without having to re-fit the machine.


On many types of metal it is possible to achieve completely seamless and indelible markings: the tone is in fact achieved not via removal but rather through localized heating of the material.


It does not involve any costs for consumables such as inks, pastes or sprays and no costs for their expensive disposal. No prior or subsequent treatment is required. The equipment has no wear and tear problems.

Laser Marking on Cutting Tools - drill bits
Laser Marking on Cutting Tools - Saw Bits
Laser Marking on Cutting Tools - Drill Bits

Laser Marking on All Surfaces

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Laser marking processes can be carried out on tools with flat or curved surfaces and on irregular and unusual surfaces as well. LASIT offers laser marking systems for easy, immediate marking of helical and centring tips as well as micro-tips of every size in HSS (hard metal). The characters are perfectly marked on the surface and the contrast is excellent, offering perfect traceability and identification.

A lot of tools need to be permanently identified, but this process should not damage the material’s characteristics or the surface finish. With our engraving and laser marking systems, excellent results can be obtained without compromising the integrity of the component.


  • STROKE XZ AXIS: 500X450 MM
  • MARKING AREA: 600X100 MM WITH FFL160 (Ø140MM)

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