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Marking on Electrical Components

Laser Marking On
Electrical Components

Laser marking is perfect for marking complex codes with very small 2D data matrix codes, which need to be indelible, clearly readable and resistant to external agents. Which is precisely why the electronics industry has adopted the process of laser marking of electrical components as a standard process for guaranteeing the maximum quality and durability of the information marked. Laser marking also has the advantage of being fast and free of maintenance costs, guaranteeing productivity and quality, essential factors in a mass-production sector like the electronics industry.​

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What Are the Advantages?

Laser marking on electrical material, devices and components is permanent and ideal for engraving texts, logos, instructions, warnings and much more. It is fast, extremely flexible, and cost-effective.


Mark and engrave logos, any type of alphanumeric writing, barcodes, progressive numbers, designs, data matrixes and graphics, from the most simple to the most complex.


Product traceability is forever guaranteed because laser marking on metals is permanent and resists both wear and contact with acids or heat.


It can create small, detailed geometric shapes with the utmost precision. You can combine marking processes to clean the material after processing or to give the marking greater contrast (e.g. Data Matrix codes).


Laser marking is a fast process offering unparalleled quality, it allows creating different types of markings (e.g. serial numbers, logos, codes) in extremely short timeframes without having to re-fit the machine.

High Contrast

Using different laser sources (especially in green and UV light), it is possible to obtain markings with a sharp contrast even on the harder plastics (such as, for example, the white POM).


It does not involve any costs for consumables such as inks, pastes or sprays and no costs for their expensive disposal. No prior or subsequent treatment is required. The equipment has no wear and tear problems.

Laser Marking on Plastic Socket
Colour Change - Laser Marking on Electronic Components
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