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Laser Marking on Wovens

Laser Marking On
Woven Materials

Laser engraving on wovens is now widely used in the textile industry sector because they make it possible to engrave and cut many wovens very quickly to the extent desired and with surprising quality. Even synthetic materials react excellently to laser processing – the laser beam melts the edges of polyester, preventing it from fraying.

The types of fabric suited for laser processing are: cotton, silk, felt, satin, nylon and many others.

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What Are the Advantages?

Laser engraving on wovens is permanent, and ideal for engraving texts, logos, instructions and much more on any type of material in an extremely flexible, fast and qualitatively unparalleled way.


Mark and engrave logos, any type of alphanumeric writing, barcodes, progressive numbers, designs, data matrixes and graphics, from the most simple to the most complex.


Product traceability is forever guaranteed because laser marking on metals is permanent and resists both wear and contact with acids or heat.


It can create small, detailed geometric shapes with the utmost precision. You can combine marking processes to clean the material after processing or to give the marking greater contrast (e.g. Data Matrix codes).


Laser marking is a fast process offering unparalleled quality, it allows creating different types of markings (e.g. serial numbers, logos, codes) in extremely short timeframes without having to re-fit the machine.


On many types of metal it is possible to achieve completely seamless and indelible markings: the tone is in fact achieved not via removal but rather through localized heating of the material.


The use of laser in textiles makes it possible to engrave and cut materials perfectly; the edges cut by laser are always clear-cut and precise.

Laser Marking on Fabric


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