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User friendly, portable Fiber Laser Welding Machine, the SWAN comes with both the laser source and chiller integrated into one device. It is suitable for use in various industries such as aerospace, high-speed rail locomotives, and automobile manufacturing to name a few. The SWAN is capable on working on an array of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many more. 

The SWAN fiber laser welding machine has many connection forms: butt joint, lap joint, corner joint, flanging joint – it is the efficient and low maintenance choice for your welding projects. 

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Swan Fiber Laser Welding

High efficiency

High Cooling Rate


High Energy Density


Swan Fiber Laser Welding

Laser Welding Advantages

  • High Quality
  • High Cooling Rate - improves welding structure and enhances joint performance
  • High Energy Density - low heat input, small thermal deformation, the melting zone and the heat-affected zone are narrow and deep
  • No Need for Polishing welded surface is left bright and smooth
  • Fiber Optics Transmission - can be used in conjunction with a pipeline or robot
  • No Base Material Needed - material welded by self-melting
  • Deep Penetration and Strong Welding Strength
  • Low Operating and Maintenance Costs - no consumables, small size, flexible processing

Design Features

Isolated Heat Source
Protective Cylinders
Easy Maintenance

Welding Head

Ergonomic Optimization
Light and Easy Waving
Multiple Nozzles


  • Laser power: 500W - 2000W
  • Laser Source: Raycus
  • Fiber Length: 10m
  • Environment Temperature: 10-40℃
  • Fiber Core Diameter: 100μm - 25μm
  • Power Adjustable 10% - 100%
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