Parts and Repairs

why Noi for repairs

 We fix all brands of medical and aesthetic lasers across all specialties and have programs that will match your needs and your budget.

  • Aesthetic Lasers
  • IPL and Laser Hand Pieces
  • Surgical Lasers (CO2, Holmium, Thulium, Erbium, …)
  • Low Level Laser therapy 

Service Contracts

The laser and medical equipment you invest in is expensive, can be expensive to maintain but is the foundation of your practice and even more costly when it is down. 

Manufacturers offer service contracts that are extremely costly.  NOI provides a very straight forward solution that offers fast turn around and a fair price.  Simply give us a call from anywhere in Canada and we will repair it.    

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance inspections are very important and specifically designed to improve equipment life and avoid any unplanned equipment downtime and failures.  NOI preventative maintenance programs focused around:

  • Inspection
  • Detection
  • Correction
  • Prevention of future failures

Having regular PM inspections can help to lower overall maintenance costs of your lasers and equipment, and reduce the probability of costly equipment failures.

As Needed Repairs

NOI is the ideal solution for clinics of any specialty who want to ensure that the devices they invested in are operating effectively and safely.    Regardless of whether or not you have a service agreement, we are always willing to assist and get your lasers and other equipment up and running quickly and cost effectively, wherever you are in Canada. 

Our experience and trained technicians are unmatched in the industry.    

Dye Replacements and Changes

NOI has developed a DYE Cartridge Kit that offers the same efficacy as that of the manufacturer at a fraction of the price.  We offer aggressive “all you can use” programs creating an extremely cost effective solution and eliminating worry.  

IPL and Laser Hand piece repairs / replacements

NOI has is known for its experience in repairing  IPL handpieces and cosmetic laser handpieces. In many cases, handpieces can be repaired to manufacturer specifications avoiding the costly expense of replacing a handpiece with the manufacturer.  NOI experience allows for top quality repairs at an affordable price for our customers

The process is very simple, send us the handpiece, we will do a complete diagnosis and assessment and provide an estimate prior to completing the repair. You can then choose to repair or return the handpiece to your practice. 

Things to Consider when Selecting a Service provider

  1. What is the expereince of the company?  
  2. How long have they been in business?
  3. Do they carry adequate business insurance to ensure they are not putting you at risk
  4. Do they hold the appropriate business licenses or registrations for the a work they are doing? 


Contact us & we will consult you with all the required information you need to make your decision

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