Consulting and Third Party Services

NOI - your partner for third party services

NOI has a 20 year old history of providing premiums sales and support services.  In addition to our core business of selling and repairing medical and industrial lasers,  NOI offers a broad range of 3rd party services and become valuable partner to many international and domestic companies.   NOI specializes in ‘filling the service and support gaps: that many sales focused organizations may have.   Regardless of how great a product is, customers remember the service when there is a problem.   That’s where NOI comes in.  We are able to address a variety of needs from first line support, parts managment, field service repair or as the end to end service organization.  We are an extension of the manufacturer providing unparalled technical support and field service at less than the cost of hiring a your own staff.  Here are just a few of the services we offer.  We have the ability to customize an offering to suit your needs so give us a call.

  • Canada Wide and Regional distribution of medical products and parts
  • 3rd Party Service Providers
  • Consulting Services: Assistance and Guidance through process of getting Health Canada Approvals for Medical Devices
  • Service and repair outsourcing: NOI provides help desk and dispatched service technicians as either first or second line support

NOI has become a leader in providing Third Party Technical support and repair services in Canada.  Our industry leading technicians and state of the art service software make us the first choice for those companies that may not have their own field service organization or require a secondary and/or back up solution to ensure their customers are up and running.   NOI’s expertise is in medical devices and industrial lasers.  We use an industry leading software package that allows us to keep detailed records of all service related inquries.

During the repair process we troubleshoot to the root cause of the problem and implement corrective action. All repaired items are adjusted, tested, documented and inspected to ensure they are fully functional before shipping them back to your customer.

It can be very frustrating and time consuming for companies with great products and are looking to expand into the Canadian market.   Some of the concerns for many companies are

  • finding a company with an established presence and the understanding of the market to maximize the potential of the product.   
  • finding a company with the necessary regulatory approvals
  • finding a company with the capability to also troubleshoot and repair equipment ranging from the straight forward to technically complex

Choosing a distribution partner is an extremely important part of growing your business.    NOI is a Canadian leader in the distribution of medical equipment and parts.  Please contact us to arrange a time to discuss whether there is a fit between our organizations.


Service Parts Management and Logistics

Many organizations possess sales and management expertise and the ability to fill those vital roles.   The challenge many organizations encounter is the knowledge and experience to effective service the equipment they sell.  In addition to offering a complete service and repair team, NOI also has the ability to act on our customers behalf as distribution center for parts and equipment.  Our experienced technical staff is able to take calls, diagnose errors and ship parts necessary for repairs on behalf of our customers. 

Laser Safety Training and Consulting

NOI is fully accredited to provide laser safety training.   

NOI can create and offer customized solutions to meet your needs.

  • Laser Safety Inspections
  • Training for new staff
  • Laser Safety Officer certification

If you are adding laser equipment to your medical or industrial business, NOI is able to inspect and provide direction in advance to ensure all safety requirements are met.


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