Product Distribution


It can be very frustrating and time consuming for companies with great products and are looking to expand into the Canadian market.   Some of the concerns for many companies are

  • finding a company with an established presence and the understanding of the market to maximize the potential of the product.   
  • finding a company with the necessary regulatory approvals
  • finding a company with the capability to also troubleshoot and repair equipment ranging from the straight forward to technically complex

Choosing a distribution partner is an extremely important part of growing your business.    NOI is a Canadian leader in the distribution of medical equipment and parts.  Please contact us to arrange a time to discuss whether thier is a fit between our organizations.

In addition to more than 23 years of experience as a medical distributor, NOI offers

  • Sales team capable of national coverage
  • Extensive online and social media marketing
  • National field service organization capable of responding to and resolving all technical issues
  • All required Health Canada approvals for the sale of medical devices in Canada

Call or email us to arrange a time to talk.

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