Third Party Repair Services

 Third Party Medical Equipment Repairs

NOI has become a leader in providing Third Party Technical support and repair services in Canada for medical equipment and industrial lasers.  Our industry leading technicians and state of the art service software make us the first choice for those companies that:

  • may not have their own field service organization
  • require a secondary and/or back up solution to ensure their customers are up and running. 
  • have US or International offices and do not have the appropriate medical approvals or work visa’s required to have a technician from another country service equipment in Canada.


Field Service (Customer Site) Repairs

NOI has a team of highly trained service technicians located across the country capable of doing on-site repairs at the customer’s location.   This cost effective solution is an excellent option for those situations in which the equipment is too large or sensitive for shipping to our dedicated repair facility.   

In-house Repairs

NOI has a highly trained team of in-house repair technicians available to provide “bench” work service.  For those customers and situations where it is more cost effective and efficient, the customer can send the equipment directly to our repair facility where we will inspect, diagnose, repair, and document the repair.  The system will be tested to be operating to manufacturers specifications pror to being returned to the customer.


Service Parts Management and Logistics

  • What is the expereince of the company?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they carry adequate business insurance to ensure they are not putting you at risk
  • Do they hold the appropriate business licenses or registrations for the a work they are doing?

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