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Continuous Wave Lamps

Continuous Wave (CW) Laser lamps

NOI is the leading Canadian provider of premium Xenon and Krypton Arc and Flash Lamps for use in all laser applications.
Our industry-leading products ensure we deliver the very best of quality and reliability to our customers.

The CW laser lamp is a gas discharge lamp used to pump solid-state lasers in many industrial applications like cutting and marking. NOI is able to provide laser lamps either made to customer specification or as standard replacement lamps.

Laser systems are the modern tool of choice for many types of processes, from welding, cutting, drilling and engraving.

Flash lamps are used as the pump source and can be operated in either Pulsed or CW (continuous) modes, gas fill types vary from Xenon or Krypton gas or a mixture of both. The envelope material is always Quartz glass, which can be doped to enhance the output of the lamp to specific wavelengths. Flash lamp pumped lasers can operate at high average powers, with Pulse durations in the millisecond regime and repetition rate up to many kilohertz

Laser welding with Flash Lamps

Lasers are a popular tool for welding of metals, particularly in the automotive industry for car body welding.

Heraeus enjoys successful partnerships with many leading Laser OEMs, and have developed Xenon and Krypton flashlamps, which push the performance limits, enabling flashlamp pumped systems to still remain the preferred Laser solution.

Application fields of laser welding:

  • Automotive welding of car body
  • Mold repair
  • Jewellery welding
  • Micro welding for medical components

Laser cutting and diamond cutting

Flashlamp pumped lasers are a reliable work horse in industrial laser cutting applications. Low cost of ownership is achieved by long flashlamp lifetimes and excellent quality.

Field of applications:

  • Stent cutting
  • Diamond Sawing
  • Sheet Metal cutting

Drilling with Flash Lamps:

Drilling lasers require flashlamps capable of withstanding short pulse durations with high repetition rates and high average powers over many Millions of pulses. Heraeus has developed unique cathode technology which increases flashlamp lifetimes in these harsher applications.

Field of applications:

  • Drilling of turbine blades
  • Drilling of hyperdermic needles

Marking with Flash Lamps

Flashlamp pumped Laser Marking systems are still used in abundance across the industry.

Field of applications:

  • Keyboard / Button / Cell phone marking