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NOI works with National Biological as a provider of at-home UV light Phototherapy equipment as well as a selection of Phototherapy systems for doctors’offices, clinics & hospitals.

For Patients at home


Phototherapy has higher remission rates than any other therapies at 1/5 of the cost than other medicine and biologic injections. Improvements with home uvb phototherapy are typically seen almost immediately with clearing in 20 to 25 treatments.

Phototherapy has proven no long-term side effects, National Biological home equipment manages your doage for your and prevents unauthorized use.

Panasol 3D

Full-body Narrowband UVB

Fast & Economical Psoriasis light therapy in the privacy of your home. Treat entire body with only two treatment sessions.

Foldalite III

Phototherapy Space-saving Design

Effective light treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, & other skin conditions – yet this UVB light box folds flat to only 9″ deep.

Handisol II

Mobile NB-UVB Phototherapy Device

Slim, lightweight & portable makes storage & set up easy. Effective localized treatment in the privacy of your home.

Hand/Foot II™

Extremely high output UV Light

Fast localized treatment of skin conditions, ideal for palms and soles of feet. Portable & ships fully assembled.

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For physicians


Phototherapy has proven no long-term side effects, National Biological phototherapy equipment manages the dosage for you and prevents unauthorized use. Phototherapy has higher remission rates than any other therapies at 1/5 of the cost than other medicine and biologic injections.

Houva II ®

with PhotoSense® Exposure Control

Effective light treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, & other skin conditions. This UVB light box folds flat to only 9″inches deep.

Houva 4 ®

DermaSense ® Exposure Control

System combines high-output proven phototherapy treatment with the latest technology in UV light measurement.

NOI offers the highest quality of replacement lamps for your phototherapy devices.

We offer a complete re-lamping service which can include Preventative Maintenance. We’ll replace all the lamps in your unit eliminating your staff’s potential exposure to a bio-hazard. Preventative Maintenance also eliminates unscheduled down-time of your booth and the loss of revenue from a non-working booth. Preventative Maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your booth and keep your staff’s training up to date.


What is Phototherapy?

Phototherapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light shone directly on affected areas of skin. This light occurs naturally as a component of sunlight and is part of the ultraviolet light spectrum.

How do Phototherapy Lights Work?

Ultraviolet Phototherapy lights slow abnormal growth of normal skin cells. Phototherapy uses different wavelengths of the UV spectrum based on which condition is to be treated. The safest wavelengths, narrowband UVB, have been shown to be very effective in treating psoriasis and in the repigmentation process for vitiligo.

Is Phototherapy Safe?
For nearly 40 years, Phototherapy has been safely prescribed for adults and children.
  • Safe for adults, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and immune-depressed persons
  • Safe for long-term use
  • No increased risk of skin cancer
  • Biologic medications have a risk of organ toxicity and may be linked with cancer
  • Side effects can be minimal if you follow doctors’ prescription
  • Our units are equipped with safety features: controlled prescription timer, key-lock and more.
What is Phototherapy Treatment Like?

This depends on your condition. For psoriasis, phototherapy lights are usually used 3 times per week, with sessions starting with a few seconds and increasing to several minutes over time. Once the skin is clear, your doctor will determine whether maintenance requires regular phototherapy or whether your remission needs only periodic checkups.

At Northern Optotronics Inc, we dedicate ourselves to customer service. Whether you want to drop us a line, give us a call or come into the office we are here for you. We are just one click away from helping you save money, stay competitive & grow your business.

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