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Laser innovation simplified.

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SmartXide² ENT

The SmartXide² ENT  is extremely versatile combining both CO2 and diode lasers and thus providing absolute precision and control for the most advanced microsurgery.

The CO2 RF laser source equipped with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology generates pulses especially designed for surgical applications (U-Pulse) and the use of lasers in total synergy with the HiScan Surgical scanning system.

ENT Microsurgery, General Surgery

General Surgery laser device Smartxide2-ENT





The SmartXide2 ENT - Absolute precision and control

The SmartXide2 ENT featuring a diode laser module is available in 50W, 60W and 80W configurations. This modularity makes it the only worldwide CO2 laser platform.

“The DEKA CO2 laser, with progressive scanning technology makes operations simpler and safer on delicate tissues like the vocal cords. It’s a wonderful instrument for selective reconstruction procedures of the respiratory tract, with a series of significant benefits ranging from control of the ablation depth to reduced thermal damage plus the fact of no longer having to depend on the movements of the surgeon’s hand which are not always accurate”.

Guillermo Campos, M.D.

Director – Instituto de Laringología Consultant – Department of Surgery, Fundación Santa Fé University Hospital, Bogotá DC, Colombia

Smartxide2-ENT in action
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Key Strengths

CO₂ RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology

High precision robotic scanning system (HiScan Surgical)

Micromanipulator with exclusive Hybrid technology

Provides unparalleled performance of ENT applications

Boosted results by PSD® technology

The SmartXide2 ENT together with the PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology is capable of high emission versatility and is able to generate optimal pulses for multidisciplinary applications designed especially for ENT surgery.

The special features of this new source and its power supply make it possible to create fractioned laser pulses with variable structure, durations and peak powers, something previously not seen in C02 laser systems.

U Pulse -Best Ultrapulse for ENT Microsurgery

Holographic lens and mirrors for perfect focusing of the laser beams, producing micro spots and the largest scanning figures on the market.



HiScan Surgical Scanner System

Integrated Laser Diode (optional)


HiScan Surgical

HiScan Surgical allows robotic technology use in microsurgery. The laser beam focused by the zoom of the hybrid micromanipulator in spots of few microns is rapidly moved offering:

• optimal scanning figures for cutting and ablation of tissues
• minimum lateral thermal damage to tissues
• selection of the ablation depth of every single scan (depth mode)
• reduced learning curve

HiScan Surgical can generate the most suitable scanning shapes in ENT microsurgery, including points, lines, curves and complete circles, spirals, hexagons (progressive and intertwined scanning), double interpolated ellipses.

HighScan Surgical

Endo Scan

EndoScan is a miniturised scanner able to achieve a X-Y movement by using a single mirror. The dimensions are very compact permitting to mount the EndoScan directly at the end of the articulated arm.

Hybrid EasySpot Micromanipulator

EasySpot Hybrid offers exclusive technical advantages in microscopic surgery offering full control in areas requiring extreme precision and utmost accuracy. The micromanipulator is used in CO2 laser microsurgery coupled with a surgical microscope (in ENT) or a colposcope (in Gynaecology).


CO₂ Surgical Laser Handpieces

CO₂ surgical handpieces are available for all the models of Smartxide² and the Smartxide²’s basic price includes one handpiece amongst the ones shown in this chapter. All the SmartXide² handpieces are composed by three different parts:
• an external central part (Handpiece Body),
• an internal part (Focal Assembly) and
• a distal part (Spacer) which depends by the choosed Focal Group

Probe Kit

86 mm Endonasal Probes

The 86 mm Endonasal Probes are made in two versions:
– Straight End, that fires the laser in line with the longitudinal axis of the probe;
– With 90° Mirror, that fires the laser perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the probe;
The two types of probes can be identified by a special logo printed in the proximal part.
Each probe is design to be coupled with the 86mm Hollow Flexible Waveguide.

Handpiece with focal length 8”

Handpiece with focal length 8” (L.A.U.P.)

The Handpiece with focal length 8” is suggested in ENT for L.A.U.P applications

Handpiece with focal length 5”

Handpiece with focal length 5” (Stomatology)

The  Handpiece with focal length 5” is suggested in ENT for Stomatology applications (Mouth and Palate)

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